The Top 4 Magento Social Extensions to Use in 2018

Magento Social Extensions

You might have heard that Magento has set a very high standard when it comes to e-commerce platforms. This applies to anything which relates to optimizing, creating and maintaining your online operations. Nevertheless, things are somehow different when it comes to social media incorporation. The use of Social media is an essential aspect of the modern digital world, and it should not be overlooked.

Here are some of the social media extensions which you should use in 2018.

Social login by Mini orange

This extension has everything that your visitors require to create new accounts easily. Instead of filling various fields they can use a one-click sign up using numerous networks. These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other networks like Salesforce and Amazon. This extension does most of the things on its own. Also, its optimized for various devices and it can adjust to different resolutions and orientations.

Social login by Magestore

Magestore is one of the common Magento extension developers. This extension is developed specifically for 18 networks. This includes the popular network as well as the less popular networks. You also get the freedom of placing the sign-up button anywhere you want. Think of the best place where your customers will notice it easily. Once you have set up the extension, your customers will only need to key in their username and password.

Facebook comments by Amasty

It would help if you incorporated Facebook comments in your online store because is one of the most widely used social media apps. Most businesses have a Facebook page, and 75% of users use the internet. You should do your level best to reach such type of users. You can open up to social networks by adding a comment section in your online store. You can use Facebook comments extension to add a social sense to your online store. The extension is developed in a way that allows your customers to leave their reviews via Facebook.

Awesome blog by Megafan

Blogging and social media are related. Once you have already added a social media extension, you need to look for ways to promote your online store. The best method of promoting your online store is through a blog that has social media features. Excellent blog by Megafan is the perfect way of adding a fully enabled blog in your site.


Incorporating social media with your Magento website is no longer optional. If you are not using the power of social media, then you are missing out on sale. Make use of the above extensions to integrate social media in an online store.

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